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Hello!!! Have and nice day. I have seen your profile on a site datingsite.com. And you were pleasant to me. I am glad that you have answered mine
Interest. You already saw my photo in a profile. And now I send others. I very much hope that you too will send to me more than the photos.
As I already spoke to you, my name Veronica. To me 28 years recently were executed. I live in Russia, in city Velikiy Novgorod. It is one of the most
ancient cities of Russia. In 2009 to our city it was executed 1150. The population of ours Cities 218724 persons. Velikiy Novgorod very beautiful city.
In our city the set of monuments of Old Russian architecture has remained. Most ancient of them - the Sofia cathedral, which building it is begun in 1045.
It is inside - historical city centre. One of cathedral inputs is decorated by the Sigtunsky gate. By excavation it is established that in a city the wooden waterpipe functioned.
From later sights of a city the Monument «the Millenium of Russia», established in 1862 under the project of sculptor M.O.Mikeshina is most known.
I am a little lost and I do not know about what still to write to you. You can ask questions interesting you, and I with pleasure will answer them.
Also I hope that you as you will answer my questions. So we can is better learn each other.
I will look forward to hearing from you. Veronika
Hello _______!!! how are you today? I was glad to see your letter. What is your weather?
Russia has already felt the summer. Weather is above 30 degrees.
And the very brightly the sun shines. Sometimes in the evenings, there are severe thunderstorms.
But I think the storm is very romantic.

I hope you understand my letters. My English is not very good. If you have any
difficulties tell me about it. I taught English in school and at university.
I want to tell you a little about my family. I live with my parents. And unfortunately I
do not have any brothers or sisters. I am an only child
in the family. My parents are retired. I have been long-awaited child in my family. I
graduated from the Economics Faculty of Economics University of Velikiy Novgorod. And
Now I work as an economist in a small trading company. My working day from 8 am to 6 pm.
I love my
work, but I want to just have a family. And their happiness. I want to create a relationship
with a man. In
Russia I have failed. So I decided to use the experience of other girls from Russia. And therefore
turned to the Internet. I really hope I can meet a man who will
love and respect me. I want to be happy. I hope you understand me. I'll wait for your answer. Veronika
Hello ________!!! how are you today? I blarada see your letter again. Today, this
a beautiful day. I have a great mood, and after work I went to Internet cafe, to check e-mail.
How was your day? What did you do, what you have mood?

In the last letter I told you that I worked in a small trading firm. You may be interested to know a little bit
more details about my work. Our company is engaged in the sale of food. My job is to budget planning
Our company and control its execution. And just as the planning and calculation of the lucrative contracts. This is very interesting.
Of course sometimes there are amusing incidents. Especially if you accidentally mixed up in a long line tabitse and calculate
not a lucrative contract. But this does not often happen. And what is the essence of your work. I would like to know more about this in detail.

Today the street is a beautiful weather and I want a little walk in the evening. Near our house there is a small,
but beautiful park. Now there are very nice. I love to look at the fresh green leaves and grass. After a long winter this beauty fills your
heart with joy. And the wonderful fresh air. From the splendor of the soul ceases to so easily and calmly.
I love to walk there with warm evenings. Sometimes love just to sit on the bench in silence, in solitude. Do you
Sometimes there is not such a desire?
Maybe today will finish my letter. I'll wait for your answer. Veronika
Hello???!! I am very pleased to receive another letter from you. I like to learn about you something new. Learn about your
life and hobbies. How did you spend today is the day? I went to the beach. I love to swim and sunbathe. Even in the morning
I'm running. It helps me to maintain my figure and be in good shape. In the winter I love to skate and ski. It's very
invigorating to the cold days.

Tell us what music you like, what movies? What do you prefer to listen to for relaxation? I usually turn on the classical
music of great composers such as Ludwig van Beethoven, Amadeus Mozart. Under this music as well relax. And
You can even get some sleep. But in general I'm a music lover and I can listen to any music, it all depends on my mood. From movies
I love comedy and adventure. I especially like the movie "The Avengers". In my opinion this is one of the best films in Hollywood.
Just recently in Russia showed the continuation of Russian Film "The Game" 1 and 2, is called "gamers" but he shot a series of
8 episodes. I also really liked.

I went this morning to work. For that to get to work I need to go by bus. But by me
3 have driven the bus and did not stop. Because they were full of people. So I was late for work. My boss said:
"What once could not get on the bus?" because they already had more than once. And I said that I had flooded the neighbors above
and we removed the water. Of course he knew that I was kidding. We just laughed. In fact, our boss is very kind and cheerful person.
He likes to joke. And always understand their employees. These people are not very many.
I am writing a lot about their good qualities. If you want I can also tell you about my shortcomings. And can you
just tell me about his. So we can learn more about each other. At this point I will finish my letter.
I am waiting for your answer. Your friend Veronika.

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Hello my dear friend. I'm happy to see your letter again. Today I had a hard day at work.
I have all day promuchalas documents. Counted a new contract. And I am very tired. But now when I
read your letter, I am a bit relaxed. Because of you I got distracted from work and I'm easy to talk with you.
I would like today to talk about the relationship between a man and a woman. Because I really want to start a family with
a man. And for that would have been quarrels as little as possible before we can find a common solution. I think that
it will be much better. You really like me and so I decided to talk about it. For me is very important
openness in the relationship. Of course it will be difficult, but when a man and woman really love each other, they
than what can be sacrificed for the sake of peace in the family. Of course this is my opinion and you can not agree with me.
________ I just want to say that I hate lies. Honesty between a man and a woman is the main
pledge of happiness. And so, I'll never forgive a betrayal. Because in a normal relationship is no place treachery.
What do you think about it. I also think that all the things around the house a man and a woman can do together, and more
some free time just to be around. I'll wait for your answer. I am very interested in your opinion that I wrote today.
Your friend Veronika.
Hello dear _________! how are you? Today after work I went home immediately, that would put everything in order.
I lIke when my house is clean and tidy, perhaps it is invested in every female at birth :-). I've always been an
independent woman. And used to do everything
itself. But sometimes you want that to close was a real man who could support me in difficult moments.
Could tell if I'm doing something wrong and gave to me your love. And I would meet him in return. I
I dream about it. The only thing I miss in life is happiness from the fact that I love and loves me a man.
Yesterday I watched an old movie film with Leonardo DiCaprio. It's called "The Island". Perhaps you too have seen this film.
I like this movie, because there is shown the sea. And I very much love the sea. I have been a few times on the Black Sea.
Once in Sochi, and twice in the city of Adler. I really enjoyed and I want to once again try to collect
enough money and spend my vacation at sea. Have you ever been at sea? I heard that there is a very useful air. Also, I liked it
very nature, mountains, clear blue sky.
The whole beauty of this is simply impossible to convey in words. This is a must see. It is possible that one day we with you will
rest on the sea, listen to the sound of the surf and the cries of gulls. It's so romantic. I just plunged into a dream.
maybe I will finish my letter today. I'll wait for your answer. Your Veronika.
Hello my dear ________!! I was glad to receive your letter. This event is only good for today.
The whole day was not as it should. First, the chief yelled at me because I forgot to bring him a report
last night. Then he broke a great deal with the wholesale supplier. And now I do not get the award this month.
When I went after work at an Internet cafe, for that would check the mail, what is a bully pulled me
handbag. And there were documents, keys to the apartment and my phone. I am now so sad and want to cry. well
I have long ceased to be money in the purse. Otherwise, I could not even posmoret your letter. I'm so sorry,
so much trouble that happened in one day. Now I want to go to the police and file an application, I know that all
still nobody can find, but it is necessary that would not have to pay a penalty for lost documents. And for their rapid restoration.
I so want to cry with pain. Just today, I might finish my letter. I want to be alone. I hope that you will understand
my condition and I will answer tomorrow. I'll wait for your answer. your Veronika.

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Hello my dear ________!! Sorry for the short letter that I wrote to you yesterday. But I was very bad.
I wrote a statement to the police and I should be in 3 days to recover documents. Sure feel sorry for the phone, because
that for him, I have not fully paid the loan. But it's not so bad, because sometimes can kill because of that stuff.
And life is dearer than any thing. Let's not talk about sad things.
I would like to ask you, you love nature? I love nature and fresh air. I love picnics, and just walking on the
nature. And maybe one day we can walk together and enjoy the beauty of nature. Would you like this way?
I like to visit in the summer at the lake or river on the beach. I also love riding a bike. Do you like
riding a bike? If so, we might one day make such a trip. I think it would be fine.
Do you like some quiet evenings listening to the rain? I like the sound of rain outside the window. He seemed calm. Just
imagine how it would be nice to sit together on the couch, hugging and listening to the quiet rustling. Especially it
would be nice if it were burning candles on the table and could drink a little wine. Would have made such a beautiful
romantic dinner. Again, I'm dreaming of romance, I'm sorry. I'm just very romantic girl.
Maybe now I will finish my letter. I'll wait for your answer.
Your Veronika.
Hello my dear ________!! I hope you do not mind if I call you that? How is your mood today. I
everything is fine. Last night we celebrated the birthday of a friend. In the evening we gathered a large company and went to the club.
Most of my friends have families. Or its pair. And after we drank champagne, they began to dance, kiss
and I was even a little jealous. But then I thought about you. And I realized that you have become my very expensive. And I would not want to
to lose you. And at night when I was home, I dreamed that we could dance together. And do what we want.
Of course this is all just a dream, but maybe one day we will be able to translate them into reality. It's in our hands. You have not thought
about it? Darling, I would one wanted to hear your voice. But as I now do not have a temporary phone, I would like to ask your
number. Maybe I can call you from the postal office. But I need the full number with country code and your city. I hope that you give
to me.
You probably noticed that I have already started sharing with you many of my thoughts that I have any more who have not blogged.
Because you are very close to me. And I hope that our acquaintance was not fleeting. And you know I really
glad that we are so close to you. You know me yesterday at the club came to meet a few men, but I do
all refused. Because all of my ideas only about you my dear. And in parting, I would like to say that I'm happy because
I have a loved one like you. I hope tomorrow again to see your answer. Kisses. Your Veronika.

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Hello my dear _________!! I hope you all well. You know yesterday I said nice of you to my parents. I said that you are very
kind and reliable man. And as I said that if I lose you, I will be very hard to survive it. It seems to me that I was a little
bit like you. What do you feel me baby? What I mean to you? Like any other woman I'm very interested in the answer to this question.
You know that women their nature are very curious. This is one of our greatest weaknesses. And I did not much fear to admit it.
My parents are simply overwhelmed me with questions about how long have we learned and what our relationship with you. I told
that while we are just friends by correspondence, but it is possible
soon everything will change. And I really hope so. We are with you all could happen. Because we have so much in common.
Of course I first started writing a few men, but opted for you. Because only with you, I
feel at ease and relaxed. I feel like we've known for many years. With me it happens
the first time. And every time I wait for the evening, in order to see your letter. Have you talked to someone about our relationship my dear?
If so, what did you tell? And how they reacted to it? My parents say if you're really as good as
I'm talking about you, they will be only too glad to our relations. Because they love me and wish me only happiness.
And I hope that my happiness in you. When we meet, you too will understand this is cute. I will finish my letter today.
Kisses and hugs, your Veronika.
Hi, my favorite _________!! I was glad to receive your letter. What's your mood. How is your health.
Today I am a little sad and I feel lonely. My parents went to visit friends. I
I will spend the night alone. In an empty apartment. This leads to depression. And I'll think of you. I'll think of you when go to bed. You will never
asked myself why I decided to choose a man from another country? And why this man is you?
I can answer these questions. I chose you because you seemed to me just this serious
a man. You know what you want and try to achieve this. Do you know how to please a woman, and
let her feel happy with you. You do not drink much alcohol and do not use drugs
you are just adorable. Previously, I liked the man from our town and I even loved him. But then it turned
I want it just for fun. He felt no response to my feelings. And I broke with him our
relationship. I was hard at first. But I survived it. And now I know what was right. Because
otherwise we might never meet. And I think that our acquaintance was not accidental. Maybe it's fate,
What do you think? Darling what do you think about our next meeting? Can it in reality? I would love to
this in the future. Maybe you've got what you thought about it. I do not propose to meet now, because while
too early and we are not good enough to know each other. But we have time. I hope you write me tomorrow
all you think about it dear. And while I might finish my letter. I'm a little tired and I want to take a hot bath.
My hugs and kisses. Your Veronika.
Hi, my lovely ______!! I am glad to see your letter. I hope that you all OK. Glad that you answered my question yesterday
about our meeting. I believe that the first meeting should take place in your country. I am very interested
learn more about your life. And Russia is not accepted to take the man in the house, until he met a girl with him
family. And if I come to you first, I'll be 100% sure that you are serious about our relationship.
And do not play with me as they like to do many men in Russia. Therefore, in our country are so many single women.
So many times I've heard that men write letters only to what would have sex with a naive
girls from other countries, and then throw these girls. Or simply because they are bored. And these men want the attention of
girls, to raise self-esteem. But these men never invite girls to his home.
They offer to meet in a hotel. Because they have their own house wife. But I do not think you're capable of such a
thing to do. Please do not be offended with me for such a precaution. But I think you understand me. The Internet is very
often, people can lie. And I do not want to feel again the pain that I experienced a time when love of one man.
He basely deceived me.
Very soon I will have a vacation, and it would be a great time for the meeting. Of course we still have time to talk about it.
We still have time, dear. Tell us what you're doing today? I'm so interested in constantly learning what you do, where
you go, what are your friends. I sometimes imagine that we could do with you if you were together. Today I
successful contract was signed with a new supplier of vegetables. It will bring good benefits to our company. I have a very long time
counted all the options with potential suppliers. And my boss praised me because I chose the most profitable option.
And when I went home from work, I saw a lot of women who walk with children. And I so wanted to come and play with them.
But we don't do this. Because there is a lot of cases where children are simply kidnapped. I do not understand those who cause
harm to the child. I am very fond of children. But unfortunately I do not own. Now I'm going home and I'll think about what you tell me
nice answer. I love you. My hugs and kisses. Your Veronika.
Hi, my lovely __________!! Today is such a wonderful day. I had a day off after yesterday we
signed a lucrative contract. And I went to the village to my beloved grandmother. It is an old and need to help her
on the farm. She lives not too far from the city. About 1 hour
go by bus. My grandmother is very fond of me. And always glad to my arrival. I told her about you. And she immediately
ask what you mean to me. I told her that I love you. And what do you love me, too. And as I told
that you and I want to meet. She was happy for us. She asked me to tell you hello. And what would you say my bank :-)
because I am her only granddaughter, which is close by. All the rest of our relatives live in other regions of Russia and
very rarely come to us. But they can understand. In Russia a very difficult financial situation. And for all its difficulties.
But every year we are going together. And next time, you too could have come as a member of our family. You would
probably just wanted to meet with my entire family? I would love this baby. Usually we're all going
grandmother. Because it here a small but comfortable house, fresh air and a garden. We are having a good time sharing all the news.
Cooking BBQ. And have fun. Of course a pity that this happens only once a year. I'd like to meet on
a lot more often. Maybe I'll think differently when she'll have a family. Surely there will also be a lot of their concerns.
Today I am very well rested and ready to go. Very soon I will get their just 2 months of vacation. I think that I have them
deserved. And we can spend great time together. On these lines I am happy finish my letter.
I love you. Your always Veronika.

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Hi darling!!!!! Have a nice day!!!! I'm glad that you do not forget to write me, and my message will bring you joy.
Today, I have such a good mood again. Yesterday I was very excited with anticipation of our meeting. It will be held
so soon. It remains quite a bit, before I leave. I hope that you can also find free
time that we could be together. I hope that you and I will not have any difficulties. And we can well
spend time together. You probably know that a meeting with you will give us much more than a thousand letters. We
be able to talk about many things. be able to get to know each other personally. And enjoy each other. I do not think that I have
the difficulties which arise from my trip. And even if they will, the strength of our love will overcome them. After
arrival I could see all the places where you love to visit, see how you have fun. And if you want to work, then I
I will meet you every day from work. And the night will belong only to us with you dear. It would be lovely in the evening.
That we can spend together, we can be alone or with your friends, it will depend on your desires. We
able to walk around the city. I think you have beautiful parks and other places where you can walk. Such places are in any,
If you like this development, I can start preparing for the trip. Learn everything you need to do this.
It may take several days. And once I know everything I tell you. And we will be able to discuss all
details. Today I will finish my letter. I really miss you. And every time I think about us, it seems to me that you are near,
but when I open my eyes and realize that you're still only in my mind. I love you my sweet. Your always Veronika.
Hello my love ________!! I am so happy to see your letter again. What is your mood today
I have everything perfect. I had a great day at work. Just yesterday I told my friends that
I'm going to go to you, during my vacation. They wished me a happy journey, and said that I would
took care of itself. Because we all cherish our friendship. I did not have many friends, but our friendship was created over the years,
since childhood. This friendship may not be able to destroy. And I hope that our relationship will be with you
as reliable and robust. And we'll be together until death. We'll live happily ever after. So
I asked my boss, I would be easiest to go to you. I turned to him, because he
often travels with his family. It turns out, it is safer to contact the travel agency. He promised
Tomorrow I bring a list of travel agencies in our city that have a good reputation and have been working
for many years. I am grateful to him for that. Even my boss joked that will not let such a valuable employee like me :-)
Of course it was just a joke. As I already told you he was very cheerful person. And very rarely creates
conflicts with the team. Its all very respected. Because he is a good organizer. Once he wished me a successful
Travel and happiness to you. He is happy for us my dear. And most of the familiar happy that I did, too, met
loved one. It does not matter that in another country. Of course the first time, I will not be easy, it will be necessary to adapt
learn more about your laws and traditions. But you help me in etom.I can even write me a little in his letter.
I would have wanted to start learning about it. I understand that you have a different mentality. And more education. But this is not a
a large barrier, is not it my dear. To loving hearts, there are no obstructions. And we will be together.
I am so happy that the day of our meeting is getting closer. I love you darling. I would like to write to you more, but my mother
asked to return earlier, she had to help clean up the house.

I am waiting for your answer. Your always Veronika.

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Hello my sweet kitty!! I am glad to receive your letter. Today, I have a mood that I want to sing and
dance. And all this thanks to you dear. Every morning I wake up with thoughts of you and go to sleep, too, think about
the day when we will be together. And how do you feel? I hope that you all well.
My boss and promised to bring a list of travel agencies, I chose three of them. It is the oldest travel agencies
our city. Tomorrow I'll try to work to call them and find out more or arrange travel, when the
might come to him for counseling. Also, tomorrow is my last day. And then begins the holiday. I am a
year, waiting for him. We had a very busy year. Because our company has struggled for a place in the market. You yourself probably
know that it is very strong competition in all markets. And not all of the company to stay long. But we overcame all
difficulties, and now our company is not the last place in the market, including companies such direction.
Again, I started to talk about work. We also have a more interesting topic. Darling, I would like to know how you represent our
meeting at the airport? This will be an unforgettable day for you and me. And one of the best days in my life. Tell me in what
airport you will be easiest to meet me? Because at the conclusion of the contract with the travel agency to me
need to know this. I still can hardly believe that very soon we will be together. And yet I feel such joy,
which is still a month ago, which could not even think about it. All my friends, and friends say that I have a happy expression
person and I often fly in the clouds :-). It's all because my thoughts are only you. I love you darling. I hope
that you will appreciate my love always. And I appreciate your feelings.

On this happy note I will finish the letter. My Kisses (I'll give you kisses soon millions) With love Veronika.

Hello my honey. I am glad to receive your letter. As I wrote to you, today I worked the last day. And now I got a
leave, which can carry with you ________. I just now called the travel agency and arranged for
visit on the day after tomorrow. I will choose the easiest and cheapest option. And only then will take a final decision with whom
contract. Of course it will still be some time needed for processing of all documents. But this is not so long
and very soon we will be together. And I'll be able to fully give you all my love, tenderness and affection dear. It remains
quite a bit and we'll be happy with you. You have made me happy, but after our meeting I will be very happy
woman on earth.
I am a little tired today, because before the holiday had to transfer all their affairs to my colleagues, show that it is necessary
do first. Check out all the calculations and run by different departments to ensure that all documents to sign.
At night I dreamed that I had come out of the plane and you meet me with a huge bouquet of flowers that had been let on
still remain a mystery for you darling. You will know about it as soon as I fly to you. Darling, I miss you so much away
from you. And I really miss you. I know that we must still wait a bit and then everything will be fine. Tomorrow I'll tell you
as were my meetings with travel agents. And all that I could find. I love you and miss you!
Your always Veronika.
Hi, my lovely ________. I was glad to receive your letter.
I had a very productive day and I managed to do all that
planned. But it is was very long and hard day. I was make so big
work. And i was so much tired. At this moment i want to be with you.
You will give to me your love and your care.
Also today i was need to gather more information and to prepare
their papers for tomorrow. Tomorrow i will go to a travel
agency. I will try find agency Which have
the most favorable conditions. And now we meet has become even
closer. Very soon we will be together. And that my heart sings for
I am constantly overwhelmed by a wave of tenderness as soon as I think about you.
Is one day soon when we will be together. It seems so
incredible. But at the same time I realize that it's almost happened
cute. I'm really happy because I have you. And I do not know how
wait for the day when we meet. I'll make us a light supper.
And we will create a romantic atmosphere. Flowers, candles, twilight,
slow music. And we'll begin to spin in a slow dance of love.
Our love to you darling. Today, I'm tired and so finished his
letter. Tomorrow I will tell you the news. I give you my kisses sweet
mine. Your always Veronika.
Hi!!! How are you my sweet cat? I'm doing great, I gathered all the necessary certificates and documents, and tomorrow I will go
in the travel agency to enter into a contract. Travel agent said that the visa will not take more than a week.
So very soon we will be together. I'll fly to you on a tourist visa valid for 2 months. If the course
can you take me for a while. If not then I can get a visa for 1 month. Tomorrow I'll have to conclude
contract and pay the cost of my trip. after the conclusion of
contract, all we will need to do is wait a few days. Then I will need to go to Moscow for
To get a visa. and just get on a plane. And as soon as the plane gets off the ground we will share only a few
hours of cute.
The entire trip will cost __________. The contract includes a visa
international passport, health insurance, plane tickets, ticket to Moskow and a small cost. Few days ago
i was receive my salary, and i have _________. And i understand that this is not eunoth. I was talk with my parents and
they can help me too with ________. But it is not eunoth for trip my love. I'm so sorry that i do not have all money for this.
Dear i love you so much and i hope we will try to do all for our relation.

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But these last few days are so heavy. I have so much to do, I spent almost all day on your feet while walking on different
agencies and collect information. I had to stand in queues to duty. Because so many people just need to be
various certificates and documents. But for the love I'm capable of more. Now I can safely go home and rest.
Now I really want to take a hot bath and sleep. I love you honey. I love you only you. And i want to be only with
you. You my soul mate. And be with you my wish and dream. I want to feel you near with me eatch moment. I love you.
Your bride is Veronika.

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