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Хочет купить билеты сам

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Вот решил поделиться одним из способов как отмазаться, если пендос настаивает на том, что купит билеты сам, письмо свое уже отработало, но как пища для мозга еще вполне пригодиться, кому надо тот сам резберется как это можно переиначить.

Hello my lovely ____ I perfectly understand that you offer me. But You
do not understand that it will occupy long time. And as It is
necessary more funds. Probably it is necessary to explain you all on
points. If I is not To use travel agency services, and to do as You
offer that the following will turn out. I already went and I learnt as
long I will make out the international The passport in my city. To me
have told that I can rise on turn, Because turn very big that I should
wait approximately 1 months (my holiday only 1 month) before reception
of my passport. After I should pay my medical insurance and for this
purpose It will be necessary to collect a large quantity of documents
(the tourist The agency gives the insurance at once). After I should
go in Moscow and to address in Embassy of your country. And to wait
approximately 2 weeks for reception of my visa. And it means that I
should live Two weeks in Moscow. The hotel in Moscow costs
approximately 40 euro in Days. Except residing I should that that to
eat. Whence at me it is so much Money, I have written you what sum I
could collect. I hope to you have explained all clearly. And you will
count that will cost More cheaply. And as it will be better if we meet
in 10-14 days. If all to make out in travel agency. Or in a year if we
will do as offer You. You will ask why in a year? The answer idle
time. By then when All my documents my holiday will be ready will end.
And I should To work. And if I to be discharged from office nobody
will give me the visa The tourist. Because under the law I should have
work. Solve the darling. I tried to explain to you all in detail. I
will wait for your answer. Yours always __________       

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