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О себе:
I was born on August 31, 1978. I am 5'6".

My favorite flower - tulip.

My favorite colour - light-blue, colour of the sky.

I like to speak on different themes, is especial about cinema, music, TV, about life, etc.

I am the christian.

I had my eyebrow pierced 3 years ago.

I have no any brothers and sistres.

My specialization the organizer of job of the sellers in shops of an average level, I would like to increase the qualification. But for this purpose it is necessary to me to study further, in the near future I plan to make it.

Самое главное:
For me the most important mutual understanding, honour attitude to the people, my family and friends
__________________________________________________ ______________________________
Any man in his life wants to be happy. Each man has his unique road for happiness. My road - love.

I am not necessary inspires for my life. I live and I am glad to each moment: by conversation with the parents, with the friends, with children at my job, meeting with the different people, for example with you, film, which I have seen, music, walk, and many, many things in our life.
__________________________________________________ ______________________________
Про Россию:
Our country other than yours. Here people think in another way, it is Russian mind. I do not know, it is difficult here to live whether or not. I did not live in other countries long to understand their life. Certainly in our country many people receive few money for their difficult work, but to me suffices on life, and even remains, a little.

Алкоголизм в России:
I too am honour with you as well as you with me. On a photo which I have sent you I drink the soft drink aerated, tonic. I do not love beer. In our country the people drink, in the basic man, so it is accepted. Someone a little drinks, but drink. The alcoholism very much often meets in our country, many people die annually, alcohol the reason. Therefore it is pleasant, very much, that you do not drink alcohol. You very much like to me, I did not meet such people as you, still. You thinking of the future, about health. I think of the health too. You believe me, I hope? At us the people speak, that everything changes. I hope, that you will not be. Your Svetlana.
__________________________________________________ ______________________________
I shall wait your pictures, how much it will be necessary.

Он умеет готовить:
To me the men are very pleasant which are able to prepare. I heard that they feel the women better.
__________________________________________________ ______________________________
Про его фото:
Thanks to you for your photos. This is very, very much pleasant for me.

Unfortunately I have not received your picture.
__________________________________________________ _____________________________
Про него:
Dear Frank, thank that you write letters to me, I so
am glad to receive them from you. Thank that you live in this world.
You very kind person. I very much would want to meet you sometime. It
is very difficult to find such people in our life. You very lovely. I
think you are ready to give much to those whom loving.
__________________________________________________ _____________________________
Про телефон:
At me good news to you, I have found the telephone. Probably this week I shall call you.

Today in evening I shall try to call you, if nothing will change.
But I have no webcam, unfortunately.

I have agreed upon the telephone. I shall call to you today. Hope we shall talk. I all time think of you.

Dear ?????, for me it is very difficult to find the telephone. In our city I can only speak with you on the public telephone, but this is very not convenient.
__________________________________________________ ______________________________
Передам привет:
I necessarily shall say your best regards to my parents
__________________________________________________ ______________________________
I have a photo of my parents and I at job. But they are in a photoalbum, they paper, and I do not know as them to transfer to the computer.

Hi ?????, I am a little upset to receive the letter from you. I have the very good parents. They always learned me me what never to put hands when troubles. It is necessary to fight to be happy. I such. I think you too should be such. If there will be necessary I shall come to you. My parents will understand me. I am sure. My parents married when they were 18 years. They have met in the other city, which 600 kilometers from ours. My mum there lived. And the daddy studied. After 8 months, when he has finished study. They married and have left for Izhevsk. The parents of my mum (mine the grandmother and grandfather) did not want wedding. But then they have understood, that my daddy the best in this world. They were not afraid of difficulty. They are happy. I too, that I have such good parents. Write to me. Your Svetlana.

После 11 Шаба:
My mum is O.K. Thanks for trouble. We go in restaurant not often. It is expensive for us, but when in our family a holiday we can it to ourselves allow. I am cooking with my mum of a house very much often.
__________________________________________________ ______________________________
Жду встречи:
I very strongly wish to meet you, mine dear ?????, and I want to meet your relatives, to learn you better.

I very wait for our meeting, I want when I shall come, we shall be only together. And nobody us will interfere. I would like to be with you, mine lovely ?????. If for ever that it would be perfect for me. I hope and for you too. I know, I am sure you the best man, which I ever met. It is a pity for me, that we have not met earlier.
__________________________________________________ ______________________________
Хочу приехать, ищу деньги:
Also I try to find money to arrive to you, I would like to see your city, to go for a walk with you, to learn you on the other hand. To learn, to see that moves you in life... A kiss. See you in the evening. I hope.
__________________________________________________ ______________________________
At you the very beautiful daughter, she has liked me, she very lovely I so think.
__________________________________________________ ________________________
Праздники, отмазки:
In our country yesterday there was a great holiday: May 9 - Day of a victory above the Fascist Germany. We with the parents and their friends went to a coast of the river, made a shish kebab, it is similar on barbequeing a turkey. In our country there was a large day off, all organizations, except for shops did not work practically. Therefore I could not write to you the letter.

Yesterday there was a lot of job at me. The new goods in our shop have acted(arrived). I think you know what is it such. Vanity, run, nerves. Therefore I am very tired. Then we with the girlfriends, send after job in cafe, not much have had a rest and send to sleep.
__________________________________________________ ________________________
Что люблю:
I like the sun, smile on faces of the people, good film, perfect music, attention of the people to me, I is happy, when the people, close to me, feel fine, when at them all it is good. Each man so thinks, I think. I am the usual woman, anything especial is no on me. I do not know than Russian women differ from American, the attention is necessary for all women, it is difficult to us to live when to us are indifferent. Us it kills. All of us the people.

I like different music, all depends on mood. When to me I am sad I listen to slow, sensual music. At mine the daddies are of an old plate: a jazz and blues. When I have good mood I listen to modern music. It is pleasant to me pop, rock, dance. The American music very much is pleasant to me, as well as Russian. Bi-2, Rondo are Russian rock-groups, but it not all my liked groups, them it is a lot of, at once all will not recollect. Jeniffer Lopez, Aerosmith, Moby and other American groups.

I look sometimes TV. Basically I look films. Sometimes news.

I like to read the love novels, verses of Russian poets, magazines.

I like active rest. Camping, dance, meeting with the friends, movies. But I like to spend time with TV.

I like to play of volleyball, swimming, billiards, run and walk. I am pleasant like hockey, football, basketball and car racing (rally).
__________________________________________________ ________________________
Что не люблю:
I do not like a lie, egoism, insects, mouse and I do not like to wait

I do not like Pepsi, Coke or similar. It is chemistry. I drink tea, juice (natural), mineral water and milk.
__________________________________________________ ________________________
Про свои фото:
When we with the parents are going together on a holiday or with the friends, I can drink a little fault, one glass or two. And on that photo, which I for a long time have sent to you, I drink without an alcoholic drink - a cocktail with a tonic and juice made in Germany, yes them spill in the same bottles.

You ask: where I am on that photo, which I have sent to you last time. One photo - I at home at my friend (girl), and another - I has received the certificate on the excellent ending of rates of English language.

On that photo there was a day birth of my mum. We went there with the friends of my parents.

On a photo which I have sent you I I drink the soft drink aerated, tonic. I do not love beer.

Про алкоголь:
I not so like spirits drinks, such as beer, vodka. And you sometime to drink vodka? I like little bit white dry wine. I badly know wines, because not often it I drink. You choose, I trust to your taste.
__________________________________________________ ________________________
Now at us is warm, the sun about 25 0С. I like winter too, but the summer is more, winter I like because I can skiing, skating.
__________________________________________________ ________________________
Спорт в нашей стране:
In our country do not play baseball, at us play the European football, basketball.
__________________________________________________ ________________________
Говорим по-русски:
By the way, 'Hello' in Russian is spoken "Privet" - for the friends, "Zdrastvute" - for the adult and unfamiliar people.
__________________________________________________ ________________________
Выходные и друзья:
The week-end I spend in the basic house with the parents, sometimes we meet with the friends, almost all my friends are married and have the families, therefore they have more often time, and when they have free time we go in cafe, dance or on a nature (camping). Sometimes I spend time with my parents and their friends.

The majority of my good friends, are married, but not all. Yes, they have children, they very lovely. They are married on Russian people. They have found the good people. I could not find. There can be it good luck, I do not know.

I have 4 best my girlfriends, Tanya, Sveta, Olya and Katya. Tanya, Sveta and Katya older me for 4 years, and Olya for 7 years. All of them are married, they have the good husbands: Igor, Dima and two Vladimir. They too my friends. Tanya and Olya work together with me, they have children. And with Sveta and Katya I studied in trade college. Sveta does not work, she sits with children of a house. And Katya works in shop of clothes, she is pregnant. They have poorly free time, and when they have free time we go in cafe, dance or on a nature (camping)

__________________________________________________ ________________________
Первое свидание:
Ideal first date - easy supper, walk on a coast, long walk. We talk all evening, we find themes for conversation easily, we laugh. We together meet solar dawn...
__________________________________________________ ________________________
Бывший парень:
I do not know, what's happened with mine the ex-boy by the friend, I did not meet him anymore.

From the last relations I have found out, if you love somebody, is stronger day by day. That he will love you less, day by day too.
__________________________________________________ ________________________
Про путешествия:
I travelled with the friends to Germany and Italy, they have invited me. And in Turkey I went with the parents. It was pleasant very much to me. Especially Italy.
__________________________________________________ ________________________
Hi, mine lovely ?????. I am very glad to receive your letter. How are you doing? Excuse, that did not write to you. I know you wait my letters, I too very much wait yours.

You have written such strange letter for me. You think of me not correctly. You think, that I from those women, which visit such places to make all quickly. I do not like the drunk people, from which smells poorly. I went on dance with my friends, I like to dance. There I can much dance, and anybody will not prevent me. I do not go there to drink alcohol, I drink only wine on holidays a little. Do not think of me poorly. I search of the serious attitudes... I hope you me will understand. I wait for the answer from you

Hi mine dear ?????. I am glad to receive from you the letter. How are you doing? It Is a pity to me too, that I not with you. In this week-end I was at home, I did not go anywhere. You were very much engaged these days? ?????, I called to you some times on Saturday, but I could not get through you in any way. Was engaged at first, and then there were no hooters, nothing was audible. I very much was upset. And you did not write to me. I now know, you were engaged. I today went in agency, and tomorrow I shall go. I search for money for payment of the contract. But still does not suffice. I have quarrelled with my girlfriend. I know, that she has money, I wanted to borrow at her. But she has said, that will not give them me. She does not want that I went to you, she thinks at us nothing it will turn out. She envies us. I believe at us all will be... Fine. I try, very much.

Hi mine dear ?????! I am glad to hear from you, that you too doing all for our meeting. As I also spoke you yesterday, I called to you on three telephone numbers, your home telephone number in general is silent, the worker all time is engaged, I heard as speaks your answering machine. I wanted some times to leave the message, but it was switched off. I do not know, what is it such!!! All against our meeting. My girlfriend dissuades me from our meeting, I do not know where to take money. All friends have given up to me, someone in general does not have money, others are afraid to me to give. Probably they think, what I shall leave and to not come back, who will return their money? Now I very much want to be with you, to embrace you and to remain with you. It is unpleasant to me it to speak, but I yesterday cried, all evening. Probably bride of your friend can not arrive in your country because of she is in Ukraine, I so think. Inform me that you have found out your embassy, I shall wait. I shall go tomorrow to agency to find out too. I miss on you. Yours Svetlana. I love you.
__________________________________________________ _______________________
Про скаймерство:
I heard that the people take money, the women deceive the men. It is very unpleasant for me, what is it it happened. I understand, that you worry. But I shall not be and I do not want to make it with you. It will not take place! I very much want to arrive to you mine, lovely ?????, as soon as it possible.
__________________________________________________ ________________________
Когда приеду после 21 шаба:
I shall arrive to you as I think after about 10 days. At first I should pay all documents, then I go in Moscow by train, and then fly by the plane. Mine lovely ?????, as I spoke you in the last letters for payment to me does not suffice about 950 dollars. Soon, it is possible in 4-5 days they it will be necessary for me.
__________________________________________________ _______________________
Люблю мышцы
It is pleasant to me when the men dress shorts, fitting vest. When the clothes are visible man's muscles, which you have, mine lovely ?????. I have seen it on your photos and it was pleasant to me. __________________________________________________ _______________________
Of course I have bathing suit, I have four, and I shall bring it with myself to you.

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